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    √ Frequently Asked Questions

Briefly my name is Zeus Zen and I am Managing Director of MQL Programming Service [this website] which is a filiation of Zen Softwares. Professionally I am a certified advanced MQL programmer. Our global programming team creates MetaTrader-4 automated expert advisors, indicators, scripts, dynamic link libraries (dll files) and MetaTrader-4 external softwares and apps. Our offices are located around the globe. Our programmers work remotely and in one platform. Our working hour depends, it is from 6AM-6PM european time.

Here are some frequently asked questions from our customers that we would like to answer first:

  1. How to order an EA ?
    Answer: It is very easy, simply email us your EA or indicator project with chart snapshots or hand written snapshots to this address
  2. What would be the average cost and time for the EA to be completed.
    Answer: The average cost of an EA programming is $100 and average estimated time is 2 forex days. You need to make the full payment before the development start. We accept all major payment methods, credit/debit cards, Paypal, Neteller, Skrill, PerfectMoney, WebMoney, Bitcoin.
  3. Can I pay your per hour rate fee ?
    Answer: $100 to $200 is our new EA or Indicator creating fee, if you want small task completed for example you want to show Stochastic indicator’s EURUSD H4 value in EURUSD H1 chart or you want to order us a small script which will take a new buy/sell market order upon a keyboard stroke (Ctrl+B for buy and Ctrl+S for sell) or you want to close your all buy/sell orders only pressing 2 keyboard buttons which is Ctrl+X, at this case fee will based on per hour rate basis which is $50. These are small tasks, not coding a full EA or Indicator.
  4. I want to ask you is that how to obtain the EA quote very earlier ?
    Answer: It depends on how clearly you have demonstrated a strategy. If you have provided openprice takeprofit stoploss values with position’s entry and exit, if you have provided us very clear and detailed chart snapshots or hand written snapshots, it takes us few hours to send you a quote, otherwise it takes time to understand the project.
  5. If I send the strategy now I would obtain a quote and time for delivery right now ?
    Answer: Generally it does not depend on us, it depends on you that how clearly you send the project to us.
  6. After EA is delivered and I run it, if there are problems, i.e. it is not picking up trades that it should according to the submitted strategy, whether problem be in the programming or some extra tweak I wish to include, what are the extra charges.
    Answer: There is no extra charges if you are testing bug-testing EA which we provide to test in a MT4 demo account for 21 forex days, in this time we fix all the complication issues immediately for absolutely free of charges as well as minor extra tweak we add for free within this bug-testing period. Additional EA features apart from your submitted strategy charges additional fee which varies from $30 to $100.
  7. I only speak English. Would there be any difficulties in communication & misunderstanding of my instructions ?
    Answer: We do not start to code a project until your instructions are entirely clear to us.
  8. Who actually owns the EA. Do you have any rights to publish or sell the EA ?
    Answer: We have high confidential data security and privacy policy for our customers, we do not sell, distribute, publish, modify or share any trading strategies or informations or materials sent to us with others in anyway or by any means.
  9. Some programmers are also traders. Do you offer a service to suggest minor changes to the EA to increase profitability or ease of use, and is there a cost for this ?
    Answer: Definitely our coder-team is ready to help you 24/7. We do not modify commercial EAs directly which EA you buy from 3rd party EA sellers. But We can create external parallel EAs which will work side by side to manage buy/sell orders taken by those EAs. There is a small coding fee.

We provide some features for absolute FREE with all EAs we build- daily time table of trading, starting hour ending hour, sunday monday friday trading on/off with starting and ending hour, friday auto closing before market offline, maximum spread protection, indicator’s full input settings inside EA, manual lots MM lots, visual takeprofit and stoploss, hidden takeprofit and stoploss, breakeven, trailing stop, partial takeprofit and trading info display on chart, these features we provide absolutely FREE with every EA we build.

You need to order an EA now – Just send your trading strategy to our email address , let us understand the complexity to make an EA and providing you a quote (coding fee) and estimated time to build it.

If you want to sign in our Contract Agreement Form before project start, You may sign separately, contract signing is not obligatory. Forex trading on margin carries a high level of risk and we do not guarantee if your strategy will be profitable or not. Our Skype livechat is available 24/7, skype ID is customea.mqlcoder. Leave a message in our website’s live chat box which is at bottom right corner.